First News Hot Seat with Sky News

First News Hotseat with Sky News

First News raises the voice of young people in the UK and, to open up the conversation between you and politicians, we're proud to launch a brand-new series which will give you the chance to quiz them. First News Hotseat sees some of the country's most powerful men and women questioned by children about the issues that affect us all.

This month, Chancellor George Osborne became the first politician to brave a First News Hotseat panel of young people. Britain's top money minister faced questions on his life, his job – and how he got it.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: "We welcome the new First News Hotseat plans, which will enable children across the country to see, hear and quiz the politicians who they will one day have the opportunity to vote for or against."

Hotseat was launched after a First News poll found that 82% of children don't believe that politicians care what they think. With next year's general election just around the corner, it is hoped that the series will help to bridge the gap between ministers and young people.

Watch Mr Osborne's grilling in full below:

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